The Leopard Experience

The total leopard experience is central to our focus in this offering – The Leopard Experience! You can selectively (optional) add on each member of the Big 5 to make it a full Big 5 Experience!

We look at leopard behavior patterns during each of the 4 seasons, as well as what effect the phase of the moon has on its behaviour patterns.

Leopard - the most beautiful and graceful big cat, it epitomizes feline grace.

They are masters of concealment and ambush, and due to their secretive and elusive habits they are still the least known of the big cats. 

Due to its adaptive ability, these bold and very courageous spotted cat specie occupies more diverse habitats than any other mammal, except man and certain rodents

During your stay with us our main activity will be focused to give you an insight into leopard behavior and we focus strongly on the following aspects of leopard behaviour:

·         Interactions between leopard and baboons, spotted hyena and lions

·         Use of territories and territorial behaviour

·         We look at the energy maximisation of the leopards due to seasonal influences as well as number maximisation.

·         We look at the tendency and frequency of caching of prey in trees which vary due to various factors. 

·         Feeding ecology

·         Hunting behavior

·         Activity and movement

·         Social behaviour

·         Breeding and reproduction

·         Behaviour at middens

·         Interrelationships

·         Population dynamics


The True Big 5 Experience


A true and intimate Big 5 experience is something very few people have the privilege to experience.

We offer you focused experiences into each of the members of the Big 5, where we actively track and do field studies with you on leopard, where you could have the opportunity to hear and witness the absolute screaming and raging pandemonium which breaks out when a leopard tries to hunt a baboon in a sleeping tree of cliffs.

You can then decide which members of the Big 5 you want to add on to The Leopard Experience. We not only offer you the actual tracking and walking with African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, White Rhino and walking with Lion (controlled situation), we also give you a scientific talk on each of the Big 5 experiences you book in addition to The Leopard Experience.

Viewing a documentary on the Big 5 on your TV, is like viewing a World Cup Soccer match on TV, sitting on a safari car viewing the Big 5 is like sitting in the stadium watching a World Cup Soccer match … walking and doing dedicated tracking on the Big 5 is like actually playing in the World Cup Soccer Final yourself!

Come and do this Big 5 experience with us … it surely will give you memories you will treasure for the rest of your days! 



·         Most of our activities are offered on Bingwa Ranch (13.000 acres) in Matetsi Zimbabwe, 45 km from Vic Falls Airport on the road towards Bulawayo.

·         Our lodge is 65 km from Vic Falls town. Our western and northern boundary is the Matetsi River




·         You will stay at Kanetuta Lodge situated in a beautiful garden with trees 15-18metres tall

·         Four 4 spacious chalets, each sleeping 2 people. All bookings received is per couple or any 2 friends per chalet.

·         Each chalet has its own en suite bathroom and shower, with private toilet, and a big double set of washbasins.

·         The total group of 8 guests must share the accommodation.

·         The electrical currency is 220 volt with South African electrical plugs. Bring your own adapters.

Hot water is supplied by outside urns heated by fire.


Scheduled Programs for 2019 / 2020



Spring Research Program


LE-SPR19-1    -   30 September – 12 October 2019


LE-SPR19-2     14-26 October 2019




Summer Research Program


LE-SUM20-1   -    6-18 January 2020


LE-SUM20-2   -    20 January – 1 February 2020




Autumn Research Program


LE-AUT20-1   -   16-28 March 2020


LE-AUT20-2   -   30 March - 11 April 2020




Winter Research Program (Summer Vacation)


LE-WIN20-1   -   6-18 July 2020


LE-WIN20-2   -   20 July – 1 August 2020


LE-WIN20-3   -   3-15 August 2020


LE-WIN20-4   -   17-29 August 2020




Spring Research Program


LE-SPR20-1    -   28 September – 10 October 2020


LE-SPR20-2     12-24 October 2020






From US$ 3.300 per person (sharing)

(Prices subject to change without prior notice, but once you have booked, the price is fixed for your place on the trip)



Included in Cost


·         Accommodation - only 4 chalets each sleeping 2 which must share.

·         3 Meals per day – typical early breakfast in German-style, 3 course lunch and 4-5 course dinner (when we stay in leopard blind until after midnight we eat food parcels in the blind)

·         All bottled water (Still), Soft-drinks and Juice.

·         All road transport of our program in the Vic Falls – Matetsi region of Zimbabwe

·         All leopard field work activities

·         Leopard observations

·         Guided visit to Victoria Waterfalls

·         Interactive stargazing using telescope

·         Training in tracking-, bushcraft- and survival skills. We will also train you in how to behave in the presence of the Big 5.



Excluded from Cost

·         Beer, Wine, Hard-liquor - in moderate quantities as no person under the influence leave the camp – we don’t have a liquor license, but you can buy in Vic Falls town and keep it in our fridges.

·         Elephant tracking & Potential sightings @US$ 175pp

·         Rhino tracking and observation @ US$230pp

·         Buffalo tracking and observation @ US$175pp

·         Walk with Lions @ US$150 pp

·         Visit to Hwange National Park @ US$200 pp (levies included)

·         A spectrum of bucket-list Adventure activities in and around Vic Falls (costs as per list we will send you)

·         Any additional trips for adventure activities, will be at US$ 60 per group of maximum 4 guests. For more than 4 guests a second vehicle will be made available

·         Laundry is done on daily basis, but at extra cost (US$3 for half / full body clothing, and US$1 for socks and underwear)


Terms & Conditions


·         To book your place on any of the programs, we require 50% of the full payment.

·         The full balance must be paid at least 60 days prior to the commencement of the program you attend.

·         If you cancel prior to 60 days before the start of the program, you will receive a 25% refund on the total amount.

·      Any cancellation must be put in writing, and only when receipt of the cancellation of writing is confirmed to you, the cancellation will have effect.

·      If you would like to partake in any of the other activities, we would strongly recommend you to confirm by payment in advance, so that we can book you onto the specific activity



·      Informative scientific talks based on research done by ourselves on the behavior of leopard, buffalo, elephant and lion, as well as rhino, although we have never been involved in rhino research per se 

·      A spectrum of activities offered in and around Vic Falls town, at extra cost. See 2018 Zambezi Wilderness Safaris Activity List


·      Activities offered by us: 

Victoria Falls


Interactive Stargazing

Buffalo Tracking

Elephant Tracking

Rhino Tracking