Become a Tourism Entrepreneur!

This training program gives you all the necessary tools to become established in the tourism industry is as a tourism entrepreneur.

Unlike a generic and exclusive nature guiding or field guiding qualification which allows you to work in one specific location, most often for a lodge owner, this qualification allows you to travel to nature- and culture destinations of your own choice. You will also be an entrepreneur running your own tourism enterprise, and not working for somebody else.

First you must qualify as a Provincial Tourist Guide…then getting exposure by guiding tourists for other tour operators.

Once you have gained sufficient guiding experience, you can develop your own tours and market them globally…and then you are running!

There is actually no better or quicker way. University tourism graduates confirmed what they expected to learn over the 4 years at university, they experienced and learned from us!


Location of Training

Faerie Glen in Pretoria East

Lectures are conducted in Faerie Glen with practical excursions into the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve. Faerie Glen Nature Reserve forms part of the Bronberg Mountains/Hills and exhibit much of the character of the Magaliesberg Mountains.

It has a wide variety of plant species, with a bird list of more than 150 species observed to date. It is really a beautiful reserve which we are sure you will enjoy and benefit from it as a student. 

This is also a cheaper option if you are from Pretoria or Johannesburg or you have somewhere to stay, as there will be no payments for accommodation or meals.



 Further Education and Training Certificate : Tourism : Guiding (NQF4)

SAQA Qualification ID:  71549 – 144 Credits (plus 17 more credits)

You are trained and qualified for the full range of Core- and Fundamental Unit Standards as required for all national tourist guiding qualifications, and then more specifically for the following Elective Unit Standards:

·           U/S 335799 – Conduct a guided nature experience (NQF4) – 7 Credits

·           U/S 335815 – Conduct a guided biome experience (NQF4) – all the biomes found in the 3 provinces of choice - 10 credits

·           U/S 335802 – Conduct a guided cultural experience (NQF4) Culture Guiding of three provinces of choice

·           Additional Training (supplementary and non-accredited) – not to be assessed.

o    Tourism Entrepreneurship

§  What is tourism? The tourism system and the major role players.  South African tourism market studies. Tourism management, marketing and research, Strategic management. Business plan.

o    Explore and Learn

§  Distinguish yourself from other nature or field guides by adding these 250 often neglected animals to your nature knowledge bank. Learn some interesting facts about each. 

o    Nature Observation

§  We fine-tine your senses to enhance your nature observation skills

o    Bushcraft

§  Create a deeper awareness to your natural surroundings.

§  Movement and camouflage

§  Stalking techniques

o    Survival (no eating of insects and other things)

§  Navigation during day and night

§  Where and how to look for water

§  Making fire

§  Making ropes

§  Basic survival skills

o    More Advanced Astronomy

§  Identify an additional 12 constellations and know their mythology.

o    Birding

§  How to identify birds

§  Bird groups

o    Introduction the Tracking qualifications

§  Track identification with our own developed track chart

§  Introductions to basic tracking skills

Scheduled Dates


·       Theoretical (& Practical) Training - 20 August 2018 – 5 September 2018

From Mondays to Fridays  -  08h00 -17h00

·        Revision & Pre-assessment Briefing - 15 – 19 October 2018

From Monday to Friday  -  08h00-17h00 

·        Written and Practical Assessments

Monday, 19 November 2018 – Written Assessments & Handing in all assignments for assessment

Tuesday and Wednesday, 21-21 November 2018  -  Practical Assessments



FET Certificate : Tourism : Guiding (NQF4)

    Course fees– R16700

·           No accommodation or meals included – coffee/tea included

·           Learners must find their own accommodation and bring their own food

·           All the supplementary training mentioned is already included.