Nature Tourism

Bush Craft & Basic Survival Skills

Bush craft could also be described as bush savvy. The more you become part with nature, the more you harmonize with your surroundings, the more you bush savvy you become.

We will teach and guide you to develop more bush savvy, which will eventually enable you to:

·         Learn to observe better in nature - probably the most important of the survival skills.

·         Know where to find things, for instance necessities for survival

·         Be more alert to the constant changes around you

·         Develop a deeper awareness for nature and also how to avoid dangers

·         Fine-tune your senses to a much higher of acuteness

·         Move more silently and less obviously spotted through the bush, almost like a cat

Bush craft and survival goes hand-in-hand, as they are actually inseparable. When you are in a crisis situation in nature, and you have bush-savvy, you will more calm and be able to survive much better. Survival is an integral part of bush savvy.   

During the survival part of the training, we will teach you:

·         The psychological and spiritual aspects of survival

·         How to survive with dangerous animals

·         How best to cope with bad weather

·         How to travel in the dark

·         How to negotiate difficult terrain

·         What to do when you get lost, and how to navigate without a map, compass or GPS

·         How to deal with minor and major illness and injuries during survival and medicinal uses of plants

·         How to forage for food, what you can eat, how to test plants for edibility, and how to source for water

·         How to make fire with fire-sticks, build shelters, make ropes, and how to make your own coal handbag

è we will not feed you insects or any other funny creature!