Nature Tourism

Sharpening Your Senses

We have largely lost our ability to really use our senses, due to becoming civilized. We are not dependant on our senses for our survival any more.

What we will be doing with you, is a series of exercises, through which we want to sensitize you to the wonders of your senses, but also to start a process of developing it to what it can be.

An excellent exercise is to blindfold you for a few hours or a few days, thereby forcing you to use your senses to get around, employing your senses optimally to perform things we want you to do, like to find the source of a certain smell, etc. - it could be great fun!  


Most of us neglect the power of our peripheral vision. We are using our focused vision most of the time, sometimes almost to the point of tunnel-vision, especially if you are stressed.

We will teach you ways to combine and optimize your peripheral vision with focused vision, and also how to improve your night vision and game spotting ability.

We do exercises to improve your vision through splatter vision, wide-angle seeing, edge-of- sight seeing, close framing, ant’s-eye- view and other exercises.


The ability to hear properly is critical for you as a nature person. We will teach you through a series of exercises to “ open your ears”  again.

How often do you find yourself at a party where different groupings stand and talk. You hear something of interest 2 groups away from you, and if you deliberately cut out hearing your immediate conversations, and focus your selective hearing ability on this other group in conversation, you can effectively follow most of their conversation.

We also use selective hearing when we listen to the bird chorus in the morning, to identify specific bird sounds. You might use your selective hearing to cut out all night sounds to hear the distant coughing of a leopard or roaring of a lion.

We will teach you to pin-point a sound to the exact spot, through a technique called head weaving.

Kjeld Krüger once stood with a group of Spanish guests in the Sabi-Sands, in the darkest of nights, when a herd of elephants moved along the dry river bed next to camp. You could hardly hear a sound. He told his guests to use a technique called ear-cupping, and he could almost see their eyes lit up in the dark, as they could hear the movement of the elephants clearly.


Probably the most neglected of all our senses. This is really sad, as nature is really a treasure chest of different aromas.

We will teach you through various exercises to improve your olfactory sense.

Feel & Taste

In a similar way, we will do a series of exercises, to improve also these 2 senses.