Nature Tourism

Spotlight Technique

Very often you might be on a game-viewing vehicle with your guests, all excited about what they are going to see tonight. You soon realize the person handling the spotlight doesn’t know how to effectively spot animals (“find the eye”), because he/she doesn’t have the right technique. It could be very frustrating to you and your guests, as you will potentially be missing a lot of animals.

In the big game parks like Kruger Park and Hluhluwe-Umfolozi, it is normally the guests themselves handling the spotlight. Here you can take early initiative and take control of the spotlight, and if you know how to effectively “spot” the animals in their hiding places, you can give the guests on-board with you, a much more enriching experience.

The ideal is, if your group size is sufficient, to book out the game viewing vehicle in advance, in order for you to interpret to your guests in their own language.

We will teach you general spotting techniques, but also how to use the spotlight with dangerous animals, like elephant, lion, hippo and rhino, and how to minimise the risk of a charge.

You will also learn, what is the effect of moon phases on spotting, as well as how to “keep the eyes” of animals more effectively, when the moonlight becomes brighter.